LeClerc 4s Voyaguer 15 3/4"

LeClerc 4s Voyaguer 15 3/4"


This 4s Voyageur has the advantage of being smaller and lighter. It is for the beginner or those who just want a 4s to carry with them even for a weekend. The 15 3/4" model weighs in at 12½ lbs., comes with 400 inserted Eye Heddles, a Stainless Steel Reed and a Custom made Bag with pouch. As with the 8s loom, we supply a specially designed (1" profile) Cherry Shuttle, Reed and Heddle Hook, 2 Lease Sticks, 2 Beam Sticks, the newly designed Warp and Cloth Roll lashing system, one Multi bits Screwdriver, transfer Heddle Bars and the Book "Warp and Weave" by Robert Leclerc. Our new Voyageurs are set up with Levers starting with #1 on the right (standard). If you prefer we can set your Loom up with #1 Lever starting on the left at no extra charge. In addition for those who choose, Texsolv Heddles and the new Swinging Beater are available at no extra charge. For those who prefer even greater versatility, the Swinging Beater is also available as a Kit. The Beaters can be interchanged in a few minutes.


» Stainless Steel Reed, 12 dents/inch

» 1 boat shuttle 6122-0000

» 1 reed and heddle hook 6141-7000

» 2 metal lease sticks

» 10 loop cords for lashing

» Transfer heddle Bars

» Instructions

» Book "Warp and Weave"

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Weaving width Quantity of heddles Loom width Depth Height Net weight Dimensions when folded 15¾” 40 cm SPECIFICATIONS & DIMENSIONS 400 19” 48 cm 19¾” 50 cm 20” 51 cm 16½ lbs 7 kg. 13” x 9” x 20”