LeClerc Nilus 36, 45, 60 8 s back hinge treadles

LeClerc Nilus 36, 45, 60 8 s back hinge treadles

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As with all Loom designs there are some tradeoffs. With the Jack Loom the problem most often cited was the difficulty in getting a good shed with 6+ Shaft weave construction. Our new design has overcome this problem.

The new design features the Treadles anchored at the rear of the Loom, with a new unique, Rocker mechanism that insures even tension on all Treadle Cords with the Treadles in both the rest or depressed position.

This new design provides the weaver with the ease of Leg Treadling multi Shaft designs, comparable to that of a 4 shaft.

In addition, a wide, clean shed is obtained on all Shafts. Using a new procedure, the new Treadle design retains the folding feature designed into the original Nilus II.

We, at Leclerc, are very excited about this new Jack Loom Treadling concept. This system is also available on the Nilus and Artisat loom.

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