LeClerc Colonial V2 Loom

LeClerc Colonial V2 Loom

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TRADITIONAL LOOM A loom reminiscent of those our ancestors used, with many major improvements which makes this one of the best Leclerc looms ever produced. Its great adaptability allows it to be used as a general purpose loom, or for any specific purpose required by an inventive and creative weaver. Made of the finest Canadian maple, it is finished with clear lacquer and varnish so that the beauty of the natural grain and color of the lumber remains visible. This loom can have 4, 8 or 12 shafts by adding one or two extra 4 shaft kits. Because the jacks are in the loom castle, less pressure is needed to lift the shafts. The overhead beater is optional. February 2008 We have made major modifications to our Colonial model which now makes this model our premier jack type loom. - Wider and cleaner shed - The Back Hinge Treadle is now lower in front for easier treadling - Jacks now ride on bushings - New tie-ups system reduces the time for tie-ups and minimzes the occurance of cord mix-up.

COLONIAL v2 45” or 60” » 10 or 14 treadles

» 1 steel reed, 6, 8, 10 or 12 dents per inch

» Wire heddles, 12½" (31,7 cm) » 1 boat shuttle 11¾" 6122-3000

» 1 doz. plastic bobbins 6133-6000 » 1 reed & heddle hook 6141-7000 STANDARD EQUIPMENT

» 2 lease sticks » 4 warp rods » 2 cords

» Book: "Warp and Weave"

» Assembly instructions and Video

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Additional Options

Extra charge for inserted eye (or texsolv) heddles instead of wire heddles order 1051-9800

Bench open end 6384-4000

Sectional warp beam 1” sections 6441-5000 for 45” 6441-6000 for 60”

Sectional warp beam 2” sections 6442-5000 for 45” 6442-60000 for 60”

Double warp beam 6432-4000 for 45” 6430-60000 for 60”

Overhead beater 6395-9000

Flying shuttle beater 6471-5000 for 45” 5471-6000 for 60”