Tumble, Wash, pick and card to roving                                $14.00/lb

extra washes for excessively dirty fleeces  an extra $2.50 lb,   extra picking and carding to remove excessive vm $3.50 lb

Pin Drafted roving                                                                 $14.00 + 3.50 = $17.50 lb

Yarns              worsted weight and heavier                           $24.00 lb

                       lace, dk, sock etc                                             $26.00 lb

If fleeces come in that have not been skirted there will be a charge of $25.00 per fleece to skirt them and monkey pick the vm. 

When  your order is completed and invoiced out you will have 90 days maximum to make payment, anything that is still here after the 90 days becomes the property of A & B Fiberworks and will be sold to recover the processing costs.